Adjusting your macro after the Stan Bayesian MCMC merge


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Merged into development on July 10-11, 2019.

From J. Wolcott:

You may have noticed a slew of commits from me (mostly to `CAFAna`, but a few to `Utilities` and `OscLib`) late this evening. After Chris & I spent a while reviewing and testing the changes, the work I've been doing to support Stan (Bayesian MCMC software)---see DocDB 33995/35236/35743/38205 if you don't know what that means and are interested---has finally been merged into the trunk.

This is supposed to be mainly transparent to users: everything should continue to work as usual. (For CAFAna, specifically, I've already verified that the `demoN.C` macros in `tute` still function as expected.) The main place where things may break is in macros you have -- there's been some shuffling around of directories (in particular: much of the fitting machinery has been consolidated into a `Fit/` directory), so you may experience some `include not found` errors from headers jumping to a different place.

Fitter changes

Old class Old include New class New include Notes
IFitter CAFAna/Fit/IFitter.h
Fitter CAFAna/Analysis/Fit.h MinuitFitter CAFAna/Fit/MinuitFitter.h
StanFitter CAFAna/Fit/StanFitter.h
Surface CAFAna/Analysis/Surface.h FrequentistSurface CAFAna/Fit/FrequentistSurface.h
Profile CAFAna/Analysis/Fit.h Profile CAFAna/Fit/Fit.h Uses MinuitFitter

Additional changes (that shouldn't have an impact)

  • Spectrum Sth sth template _Spectrum, sth sth no adjustments.
  • IOscCalculator

fatal error: 'stan/math/rev/scal.hpp' file not found

Try echo $STAN_MATH_INC. If it doesn't return anything, it means that your release doesn't have the necessary libraries. Use a tagged release post-July 11.


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