Jon Paley's notes on the installation at ANL

The ANL "neutrino2" machine was installed with SL5.5. In general the steps above for installing precompiled software worked ok, with some exceptions. I note these here in case someone else comes across similar issues.

libXpm was missing

This problem was found when building the EventDisplay. Since I don't have root access to the machine, I can't do a system install. Instead, I installed the latest version of libXpm (built from source) into the $EXTERNHOME directory, and then made symlinks in the $ROOTSYS/include directory, eg:

> mkdir $ROOTSYS/include/X11
> ln -s $EXTERNHOME/libXpm-3.5.10/include/X11/xpm.h $ROOTSYS/include/X11/xpm.h

After doing this, the EventDisplay packages compiled ok.