A3 - template

(Replace "template" with the project theme)

A3 Reports are short ("one-page") reports used for documenting progress and decision-making. Keep it concise, and link to docdb/other wiki entries when appropriate.

Owners Expert advisors Stakeholders
Who's actively working in the project _ Conveners or experts supervising the work_ Groups / other people that would be interested in the results

1. Background

General context and relevance of the project.

2. Current situation

Description of what currently exists / summarize the evidence of a problem. Link to literature review if available

3. Targets / goals

What do you want to accomplish? Targets can change or be added as the problem is better understood.

4. Cause analysis / brainstorm

Step 2 has the evidence of the problem, here you document (possible) causes and or solutions.

5. Recommendations

Now that the problem is better understood, reflect on what should be done (and what should be left alone).

6. Implementation plan

What Who When Status Commit? Notes

7. Results

Summarize the evidence that the steps in 6 worked, and any other consequences. Link to validation documents/webpages.

Unresolved / follow up needed

Things that couldn't be solved during the current round. Items that should be check in the near future, e.g. by another analysis group, or when more stats are available.