• Strange problems with last 100 jobs from Paul in #9971
    • ND Top-up MC is also having completion issues. #10037
    • Efficiency problems at Fermilab, ifdh issues seen at MINOS?
    • Jobs are getting stuck during overlay, but can’t tell what is going wrong
  • FA Respin
    • Paul Rojas is working with Andrew on dropping LEMPRESEL
  • Follow up Ryan
    • Filtering/Merging/Space Issues
    • Justin prepared some interesting breakdowns of where space is going
    • Work on this may move into the reconstruction group
  • OPOS - Felipe
    • Keepup is running well
    • Same 5 files are failing as corrupted, return value 65
    • Follow up with data quality group
  • OPOS - Paula
    • Sometimes get corrupted files.
    • How do we exclude the corrupted files?