Attending: Bruno, Alex, Satish, Vlad, Dan,

Computing issues

There was a bug in the autoDropbox option due to the rearranging of NGU to work with POMS. POMS isn't quite at the final status so it's very useful for production, but it's promising and Alex is working together with SCD. It will be very useful once the design fulfils our workflow.

We would like to freeze all of the tools around the collaboration meeting. Please do include your changes and improvements asap. A cleanup of the FCLs and tools, as well as of the Wiki, is also ongoing, so please check these changes and comment.

We will have a "hackathon" during the next collaboration meeting, in which we will test all the configurations that we can anticipate for data and MC and sit together to discuss the subtleties of each sample. All the producers are strongly encouraged to attend.

Upcoming samples

Mostly through discussion with Adam Aurisano, who told us which samples. ND MC RHC and FHC in 3 variants of GENIE, for which the splines are down the line. So far only 1 of the 3 is available, and the generation has already been done. Additionally some Geant 4 samples, with and without neutron fix. Only FD non swap and no need to reconstruct. Also, the new geometry, for which we will need a new tag. A tag from the branch made for Matthew for his studies of the composition seems like the easiest approach. Finally, a test sample including the Cherenkov simulation. Adam Moren has completed this sample and Adam Aurisano should have it available as we speak. All, or most of these changes will tie into our final "baseline" MC, so these preliminary samples are crucial and should be done in a timely manner, so they can be cross-checked.


As just announced, a new geometry tag will be needed. Dan will also need to install ups products with the new splines. Tags for geant and genie preview were made last week. There have been some issues trying to implement the new DAQ data format, but people are aware and working on it. Continuous integration now helps us identify commits that break the system. It checks for some workflows (nd data and fd data full reco, raw2root). It even checks that output contains the same data products.

Scrum board

Rearranged to clear up Adam Moren, who will be working on both job metadata and variable intensity in the ND MC, and to more equitably share the load.


We need to revisit the scope of the keep-ups, especially reco, ideally before the beam comes back. Also, the shift calendar is only covered for the next 4 weeks (3 of them taken by Bruno to cover the gaps), so we need shifters to sign up for the new period. Swap requests would be appreciated.

Any other business

As part of the improvements for the next round, we will reduce the number of produced deCAFs at running time to just nue_or_numu_contain for validation, and process the rest once the sample is finished as part of the concat process.

The concat process needs some cleanup and improvements. Ideally, producers should provide concats once a sample is finished, so the system should be more robust, reliable and user friendly. Finally, the location(s) should be included in the production website. Bruno agreed to will lead on this.