Attending: Bruno, Vlad, Alex, Raphael, Enrique, Dan, Raphael

Computing issues

dCache fully recovered as of this morning. Certificates for keep-ups seem to finally work fine.

Tags and ROOT 6 migration

Dan hasn't had much time to work on the root 6 migration. He's also working on a control room release, as the last one is from October. Waiting for the DDT version to build. Not sure what holding this up, maybe nutools. We need the version of nutools and DDT correctly linked to build. Jenkins issues are now gone, and everything is working for Dan.

Horn metadata

Raphael has agreed to help us on implementing this. IFBeam spill info is already modified and available. There’s a field for MC fhc, RHC and 0hc, we want to fill this for data (and maybe an additional one for weird status). Bruno and Alex will look for examples of different currents and FCLs.

Scrum board

New ND RHC with real conditions

Test jobs have genie reweights, but the metadata is set to no genierw. Fixed the metadata manually last time around. Get one sample (the standard one) running now, for which we will fix the metadata manually, and we will try and fix it for the other sample. Job-specific metadata parameters are available (or most of them), and Adam has to add them to the metadata module, so they are included. Adam has all the information he needs to move on with this.

Big FD CRY sample

make_sim_fcl worked ok to produce the FCLs. Cristiana will pick up when she's back and start the simulation.

ND top-up

Finished, the few missing files are due to gaps in the period3 database.

New samples

DDT Activity (1 year) will be processed by Tapasi and the Supernova overlay by Vladimir. Bruno will check on whether all the systems are ready to start processing this week.


Issue was related to declaration using Vito’s proxy. User wasn’t using the cron principal kerberos ticket but Vito’s. That caused the issues fro Vladimir and Adam. Things are sorted out now. Users can now send tests through crontab. A kerberos ticket and a role is all that’s needed to produce a valid proxy with this new skim, so it’s a great step forward in simplifying. Experimenters’ lives should be easier now.


Alex asks who is in charge of the security policy (for instance to talk about the k5login, which is been running for about a year) Vito says it's the security team, and especially Mine Altunay. Art points out that we're not so far off as we used to be.

Bruno will not be able to attend the production meeting next week, so Alex has kindly volunteered to chair it and take the minutes.