2016 Miniproduction

Where to find the files:

What's new in miniproduction:

Beam Simulation

  • Using the Minerva g4numi flux as the central value
  • Including the PPFX reweighting framework to allow us to use the Minerva full history reweighting scheme.
  • doc-16424 for more details

Detector Simulation

  • Upgrade to Genie 2.12.2
  • Upgrade to Geant 4.10.1 with neutronhp fix.
  • Include the effects Cherenkov light in the scintillator.
  • Simulate a distribution of different fiber brightnesses.
  • Introduce improved geometries at both the ND and FD.
  • Overlay the far detector with cosmic data.
  • New unified overlay procedure.
  • doc-16423 for more details
  • Use database thresholds for simulation (down to thresholds of 10 ADC)
  • Simulate run-by-run variable intensity per spill in the near detector



  • Drop BPF energy estimator
  • Add BPF PID.
  • Memory optimizations.
  • doc-16421 for more details