Matthew, Bruno, Michael, Paola, Jeny, Joseph, Susan, Nick, Dominick, Ruth, Ryan, Ruth, Gavin

News (Matthew)

  • The conveners meeting identified the timeline for FA. These plans can be seen in later docdb entries by Ryan. * Jonathan is away this week. Gavin has kindly agreed to produce any releases needed. * Chris has made a production DB query page:

First analysis timeline (Matthew)

See docdb: 12996:

Following the discussion some additional points and changes were made:

  • Rather than making a new tag for the old ND geometry, we could instead use a test release that includes the new fcl. * It appears that Susan won't need us to process and FD cosmics. * We need to identify which version of make_sim_fcl to use for generation. Ryan will address this. * A question was raised about whether the FA timeline includes NuMU PID tuning? This was accidentally ignored in Ryan's timeline. * Production will not make decaf files for first analysis. This will be left up to the analysis groups.

Simulation hand over update (Ruth)

  • Ruth is waiting on script fixes from Gavin, which Gavin says are in final stages of de-bugging. * Which make_sim_fcl to use? Ryan will do some archeology to establish what is the correct release to use * Dominick will also make a python sanity check of the sub-run times provided by DQ.

Ongoing CAF (Gavin, Bruno)

Last of hadronic variation samples should be finished today.

Reco-keep up cron jobs (Jeny)

Started on Friday - bug with all jobs being busy meant that they didn’t start until late friday. Coming through FTS now and showing up in datasets run every afternoon. 4 days delay is built into this process.

FTS tweeks (Chris)

  • We currently have a 4/6/6 split. But the first machine is the most powerful. He proposes moving to a 6/5/5 split - seems good. Chris will do this. * What about error files? Did we get a feature for this that does this? Add in a cron job - mail round line then get it added into official cron tab.

Production documentation (Dominick)

Without stewardship it will fall out of date. Please look at it and recall what is there and continue to maintain it.

  • Add ticketing (Bruno) * Add in stuff about web pages and past production overview talks (Matthew).