Attending: Alex, Bruno, Satish, Vladimir, Joseph, Chris, Evan, Paul, Ryan, Cristiana, Enrique, Fernanda, Justin, Alex Radovic

Good runs

Computing issues

  • We've been seeing lots of samweb timeouts and sam problems in general. Alex will keep reaching SCD, since the tickets haven't always been answered. Part of the explanation could be CAFAna on the grid creating lots of snapshots or the new system for declaring files on the nodes. We still don't have strong evidence to be certain which of these mechanisms is affecting the most.
  • There's general consensus that the base configurations have been useful for production, but that they need some cleaning. In particular, there are versions of novasoft defined in a base configuration that then get override with another configuration. We will revisit this in the future, as it was well-known this is a first attempt, but they will work ok for the time being.
  • Satish points out that is a general tool for the collaboration, not just for production. Therefore, it's important to keep these improvements and tools available to analysts as well.


  • Our three new members have made tremendous progress over the last few days. They are now in charge of the remaining samples and creating the definitions.


  • Keep running nogenierw LEM+CAF and start running FD data. Joseph will work with Cristiana on this, trying to first submit 500 jobs for period1 and watching how the system behaves.

Any other business

  • Satish has been redesigning how our production website works. In particular, he has split the update into two separate processes, one for pulling the data and the other one for actually making the website. It seems to be working ok, but Satish still needs to finish a few things before this become the standard