Jeny, Paola, Michael, Nate, Gavin, Matthew, Jonathan, Raphael, Kanika, Susan, Nick, Dominick, Craig, Gareth, Ryan.

News (Matthew)

  • It was decided that all of the many changes warrant a new release for the full-scale simulation production. * In this production we’ll produce two sets of FD FHC files, one set with the real conditions and one with nominal (14 DB) conditions. It was decided that the real conditions (random runs) sample should have the default name as this is what people will do analysis from. Therefore we will set nova.special for 14DB sample to “14DB” which will also be reflected in the name.

Simulation validation update (Gareth, Nate)

Sim validation production went well with the exception that mix files won’t go into SAM due to meta-data issues. Files are now in the hands of simulation.

Action Item: Nate and Adam will resolve the aforementioned bug.

Gareth has begun the validation and all looks well so far. Note I’m writing this on Sunday so that statement is no longer true due to the discovery of the missing triangle of neutrino vertices. Due to the initial green light production will move ahead with making the simulation files. Jonathan will re-tag FA and we’ll use that. The priority files are ND cosmics with PC hits for calibration and also to make a small reco sample for reco validation.

Development and FA update (Jonathan)

There was some discussion about the timescale for freezing geometry and live geometry. It was decided that geometry should be frozen but live geo shouldn’t be as this is still pending changes from Kirk. Kanika mentioned that we can freeze at a file by file level, but that was deemed not to be needed here.

Production test results: S14-09-29 (Matthew)

Tests went well with the exception of ND FHC mixing where things fail during PDF reading. Nate will run a quick test to confirm if he sees the same behaviour. He didn’t so this must be a feature of the tests. Matthew will investigate further.

Calibration keep-up update (Paola et al.)

Paola is testing the new ND fcl in the new release. When files are ready she’ll send these to calibration for validation before starting up full scale keep up. She and Satish will also work on making pchits from the ND cosmic MC files produced already by Nate.

Reco keep-up update (Dominick, Jeny)

Dominick is starting reco/caf keep up v2.


  • Satish has written general version of submit sam template that will send round with instructions for the rest of the group to use. * No meeting on Monday.