Event in docdb conference 2461.


Matthew, Kirk, Jeny, Paola, Michael, Ryan, Satish, Craig, Chris, Jon.

News (Matthew)

Some slides on the creation of the ProductionScripts package for storing scripts, docdb-12023. Along with what is discussed in these slides it was decided to:

  • Include the keep-up scripts in the cron directory * To rename the "numi" files to "genie" as this is what drives the uses case * To include * To include makefiles * To add Ryan and to not add Eric

Action Item: Matthew will compile a list of kerberos principles to grant permissions to, then to bug those responsible to add their stuff.

Detector masking tools (Kirk)

Slides, docdb-12023. In the discussion it was decided to move the logic for getting the calhit mask into RunHistory rather than live geometry. This will need a new snapshot release to test. In fact the only other outstanding items for a reco tag are some changes by Jon to bad channels and the request to make the PoT tracking more graceful.

Action Item: Depending on output of the conveners meeting on Friday, possibly make a snapshot release before the SIM tag to test all of this.

Geo-jittering (Ryan)

The statistics for the geo-jittered and cry+genie samples are a little low. If we could reuse the same events in each then this would remove the statistical effects and enable us to be much more efficient about these studies. Chris pointed out that this isn't trivially possible by simply setting genie random seeds as the detector is different in each case. There was some discussion about either changing the way we make these files in future this so that the geometry is "jittered" in the reco step (but Ryan says this isn't really the same thing) or changing it after genie but before geant. The later needs more study. Never the less it would be good to have the machinery in place to control these random seeds in future. The setting of these logically could then be done by make_sim_fcl.

These systematic samples are going to need more statistics (possible by a factor of 10).

Also brought up in this discussion was the idea to generate rock singles as soon as we change the relevant factors as this is a time consuming step and the underlying code doesn't change often. It was agreed that this might be a good policy for the future and should be discussed as and when such changes happen.

Missed raw2root files (Jeny)

Jeny has rerun over these and all except one succeeded. She will look into that one remaining file.

Calibration without beam spills (Chris)

Calibration requests that ND calibration files (all those which run over non-numi streams) have the RemoveBeamSpills module included in them. This code is new and needs a tag to work.

Action Item: Chris will communicate with Paola and Satish to get this module included in the fcls.
Action Item: As discussed above we'll wait on the conveners meeting to decided a strategy with respect to getting a new release made.

Novapro credentials

Novapro needs a special certificate to submit jobs, however this certificate doesn’t have permission to check out svn repositories. The solutions to this are either to remove the setting of this from the bash profile and make sure it is done in submission scripts or to add read only permissions to svn to the novapro certificate. It was decided that we could well do both of these.

Action Item: Nate will remove the offending lines from the novapro bash_profile.


  • MC generation doesn’t work as nova pro as this certificate doesn’t work for cpn copies. A fix to cpn has been put in place by Art and needs CPN to role forward versions. This should happen tomorrow. * Jeny needs volunteers to verify her reconstructed files.