08/16/2013 Minutes


Nate, Gavin, Chris, Jarek, Jon, Kirk

Off-site processing

Nate and Raphael have been working with Marko Slyz, Marc Mengel, Dennis Box and Andrew N.
Have been testing file transfer back from SMU (modified SRM-based file storage system). Finding and fixing bugs as we come along them. Version conflict with files using so made some files in an older release whilst Raphael updates the code on each server.
File locations were not visible off-site (fixed). UPS error holding up things now, but based locally at SMU.
Waiting for response on this.

ART on the MAC

Big news!! ART v1_08_04 has been built successfully against Mountain Lion.
This version should play nicer with Ubuntu too, so watch this space for that!

Action Item: Gavin to inform folks when the new version is ready and built successfully against novasoft. We will tag first.
Action Item: Gavin will also start to point out the availability of CVMFS and how one can install ART on their Mac!

Precuts for numu production

Kirk gave a talk on this topic in doc-db 9672. There will likely be interest from the nue group to see this.
See the talk for details.

Action Item: Gavin will look into whether processing time reduction is linear in relation to nhits
Action Item: Kirk will update plots to separate out the genie neutrino samples.

Next meeting is Friday 30th August!