07/28/2014 am


Susan, Nick, Dominick, Satish, Kanika, Ryan, Matthew, Craig, Gavin, Michael, Nate, …

Implementing Stable Branch for 1st analysis

Jonathan Davies was on night shift…
Kanika posted some slides: doc-db 11720

Starting to “freeze” things for the first analysis, but don’t want to “freeze” progress.
Ryan, Gavin, Matthew and Kanika formulated a plan
Branch from development – some commits will be a little bit tricky. Not clear how much we need to police this.
Ryan suggests that it would be useful if we could just branch some code packages.
A merge might make this possible…
Might be better to just branch everything anyway….
Branch now – merge development to branch every night.
Once packages are frozen, remove them from the merge list.

First analysis needs

Slides posted by Dominick: doc-db 11722

GENIE+CRY can be run early.
What alternative geometry should we use— un-staggered is already available.
Also – what intensities to use for the intensity studies. Would be nice if <n>=1 (for alternative).
–> Ryan has started a thread.

Calibration – what are the timescales for calibration and drift. Timing should be ready drift will not.

Neutrino 2014 Debriefing:

Dominick posted some slides documenting the efforts (both struggles and successes) that didn’t make it in the plenary talk last week
doc-db 11721