Attending: Alex, Cristiana, Justin, Adam, Satish, Gavin, Joseph

Cosmic overlay

Justin gave a nice talk introducing the system and features for this special production:

Gavin needs to commit some things to novagridutils and start the generation. Once he's done, Vlad will start working on the reconstruction.

Scrum board

Re-introduced and updated at:

Computing issues

It took us 3 days to put all the files on tape, which is a nice measurement about the behaviour of our system. Apart from that, no significant issues have been observed over the past few days.


Paul is currently tagging prod2reco.g, about 1 hr ETA. The nightly build was broken, but the culprits have been identified and working on fixing it. Paul made S16-06-01 snapshot last week for box-opening.


High intensity ND MC

All but 2 of the artdaqs are created, which is called enough. The special flag high-intensity is not in the metadata, so Adam will fix it. Adam will send the definition, and we’ll fix the metadata