04/12/2013 Minutes


Vladimir, Adam, Robert, Nate, Gavin, Jan, Nick, Susan, Jarek, Philip, Raphael, Louise, Kanika

Personal SVN repositories

Request to set up a second repository for personal user test code/scripts. MINOS had a directory within their cvs directory (contrib) for example. Jan has a tentative plan whereby each user can have their own directory that they can check with a kerberos ticket.

Action Item: Jan will put together a concrete proposal and we will discuss with Computing Conveners.

Meeting Organisation

Planning for the collaboration meeting
Jan (Software) 10 mins
Raphael (CVMFS) 10 mins
Adam (SAM Metadata) 20 mins
Chris (LEM processing) 15 mins
Nate (Time profiling) 20 mins

See you all next week at Fermilab!