03/15/2013 Minutes


Ji, Himansu, Raphael, Jianming, Kanika, Jan (in a car), Chris, Robert, Nate, Gavin, Minerba, Ryan, Jon

Production Update

Himansu: We have thus far completed /nova/data/mc/S13-02-26/genie/fd, a total of 1944
Completed the following totals.
/nova/data/mc/S13-02-26/genie/nd/, ND completed files : 12,402, ND_fhc files : 12,268, ND_rhc : 134
Ji put together numbers of completed files in doc-db 8801.

Debugging tools

Jan reported multiple debugging tools are available for users.
  • TotalView: Not available off site so one might want to edit package list to avoid warnings about it being missing
  • Valgrind: At FNAL need to do 'setup valgrind' to get new enough version to be productive.
  • gdb GNU Debugger
  • google-perftools
  • cppcheck: Great find Kanika! Gavin made this a UPS product. Off Site maintainers can grab tar ball if you want it installed.

Action Item: Valgrind not being shipped offsite, should it be?

Action Item: Make google-perftools a UPS product. While we are at it, Gavin to make doxygen a UPS product now that the Online folks have started using it too.


Online packages now grabbed from Online CVS Repository. Special Offline tags of relevant packages (off20xx-xx-xx).
When tagging, will tag all packages needed for Offline at the same time. DDT products needed in Offline for some DDT development.
DDTBaseDataProducts pulled directly from DDT SVN repository. Trunk version for now, tagged version to come soon.
This will require another update to the update-release script as I foresee the version that we use in development changing somewhat frequently and the current script doesn't handle that well at all.
Tag of Offline forthcoming as soon as the tag of DDT and Online is done and verified.

Software Problems

  • addpkg_svn makes the sym links in the include directory just fine.
    addpkg has problems in some places (ANL and IU reported). At first glance they have identical lines of code to make the include link.
    IU uses csh as does ANL. Robert says this has been an on-going issue forever and is very random.
    Jon Paley committed hack to get around this, Evan tested and made sure the links got made to the correct locations. Stop-gap solution that works.

Non-Action Item: It works as is now and isn't worth anyone's time to worry about this unless it rears its head again.

  • Czech institutions almost have novasoft working but their last problem is CURL.
    CURL is required by NovaDatabase, but not packaged anywhere. This has made the novadaq-fardet-<machines> install more cumbersome and now the
    Czech install as well. It seems that in order to work correctly, the CURL distribution has to be brought in by a system admin and as some of our
    offsite maintainers don't have root privileges on their institution's systems, we should package it as a UPS product and make sure it works!

Action Item: Jan to make curl a UPS product


Seg faulting during cosmic MC production. Kanika discovered the source of the bug. Jianming has fixed this - to be verified.
We will make a patch of tag S13-02-26 --> S13-02-26a, which will have ONLY the bug fix and NOT a pid upgrade.

Action Item: Patch Tag S13-02-26a. Jan will need to handle parsing of the name.

Action Item: Jianming will compare jmid output between S13-02-26 and S13-02-26a for a FD fhc_fluxswap file for example.