03/01/2013 Minutes


Louise, Jon, Himansu, Jan, Jarek, Minerba, Susan, Nick, Dominick, Kanika, Xuebing, Adam, Robert, Gavin, Nate, Raphael, Ji, Chris.

Production Status

Current production proceeding as expected.

PID Issues

Gavin discussed problems that we have been having getting the PID processing going. The details of the problem are outlined in Bug #3549 that was filed with the Artists. The behaviour was reported as intended so we changed the PID processing accordingly - namely removing lemprejob.fcl from the chain.

Inserting Metadata into ART files

Adam A. gave a talk on his efforts into inserting metadata for the SAM system into our ART files. More details in nova DocDB #8745.

Inserting DB info into ART files

Jon P. gave a talk on inserting calibration and configuration data into the ART files. The hope is to minimize DB queries. More details in nova DocDB #8744.