02/27/2014 Minutes


Gavin, Dominick, Evan, Chris, Raphael, Eric, Lisa, Jan, Susan, Kanika, Adam

Production status

Eric almost finished full quota of FD cosmic generation: 2372 failures! of ~10000 submissions.
Over 2k files declared to SAM. Ready for making PCHits for calibration. Eric showed metrics of where jobs were running and
any successes. No jobs went to OSC. Make sure we utilise this site. Majority of jobs went to Harvard.
Eric to upload PDF of excel - done.
Gavin and Dominick running into problems for the PCHitList production step. Problems related to the prename script produced by Nate. Nate committed a version now that appears to work. Production role running into problems for processing.
Tagging for reconstruction on Monday.


Raphael: delayed since last time making gsimple files was two years ago, wrong detector locations,
Follow up after overnight tests. Possible to be able to get gsimple files pushed through by Monday.
Priority in this order: FHC,RHC,Rock.


Problem extracting string from tuple. Changes in external and new version installed in /nusoft/app/externals/. Lisa was unaware of this new change. Yesterday Vladimir and Marc M got their ifbeam updated and it utilises a different version of libwda to the one we use in our externals. Current status, ifbeam has its own libwda version and we use our own version.
Jon P has libwda in our externals. Marc's code has wda.h sat in ifbeam. Some confusion and Jan has started an email thread on this.
We are free to run
Lisa is working on some metrics for IFBeam. First request takes 70-1400ms, mean time of 168ms subsequent requests are negligle. Total DB time of 17s.
Confusion over the total time. Need to understand this better!


Ran through issues on the issue tracker and closed a few. Asked for updates to others to keep track of feedback.