Attending: Bruno, Vlad, Enrique, Satish, Cristiana

Computing issues

"out1" is still showing up, so we need to understand the cause.

Robert is making some progress on good runs in SAM, but it still needs some more work.

We are making our way towards a Root6 branch. We want to move to the latest version of Art, but that requires a new version of nutools. Lynn wants to wait to make that new nutools version until some issues in Genie get sorted out. That project is Robert Hatcher's top priority, and they think it can be resolved this week. So, we should plan on getting a new nutools and branch early next week.

We need to test our suite of tools with CILogon. Vlad will do this.


Everything seems to work on Jenkins after upgrading to Windows 10, svn also works for Dan. The scripts to make svn commit seem to have some problems and Paul will have a look before totally handling.

Scrum board

ND top-up

Bruno will run and monitor LEMServer for anomalies

ND cosmic overlay

Ready to run, but Vladimir needs input definitions and details.

Big FD CRY sample

Bruno will send Alex and Cristiana instructions on how to proceed with this sample.

System improvements

Job-specific metadata

Adam is working with Alex, he showed where we can do some updating. Mostly environmental variables, Adam wants to test it on runNovaTest but he’ll need some Alex. Need to include beam database info too.


Vladimir watched the slack channel and apparently there haven't been any issues.

Vito summarises the issues from the past few days: gums service not working properly, so the submission didn’t happen. Shifters should keep an eye on warnings. The job failed to get identification, due to issues in the gums service. There is a list of exit codes but it’s not comprehensive, so we should prepare the scripts to give some more insight. Exit code is all 0 everything is fine. 28 is fine too (no files to process), but 45 is not. Bruno suggests work should be done in making this more human-readable.