SamWiseMinutes3 24 14

Craig, Chris, Dominick, Jan, Eric, Susan, Nick, Kanika,  Adam, Gavin,  Eric, Michael, Andrew, 
Gavin (?)
Nate: Not available.

Action Items:
— Understand why FTS is stalled on current MC files.
— Chris’ changes to get calibration running by the end of the day.
— Setup multiple drop boxes to use FTS from different servers. Need the factor of two.
— Need to move the drop boxes over to DCACHE.
— Backport fixes and get a new round os GENIE and PCHIT files going.

Chris had to fix two things with MC
— truth info in the MC
— has results that were not made from official files.
— Need more cuts in the PChit makes — cleans up badly reconstructed tracks.
— Changing the cuts could have some efficiency impact. 10-20% impact on efficiency.
— Need to implement the code for the cuts. Get a tag. Run again.

— Cut a tag or backport with Chris’s change?
— Will also be the simulation fixes.
—> will backport everything.
—> METADATA module fix should get in

Dominick: FTS bottleneck.
— Copy out slowdown last week due to BestMan.
— 22,000 files in drop box on Friday. Took all weekend to copy 20,000 files into enstore.
— Currently declaring 1200 files per hour. Not ridiculous low. Another reason to concatenate files.
— Can we make our FTS use more parallel.
— PCHITS 250 MB per run. All data — a couple of TB.
Goals – Move forward with CAF.
— CAF metadata dumper. (use a plugin in the plugin directory)

— Parent fcl is being declared twice in the list of parents.
—> Should be easy to fix.

Action Items from last time:
—> Get status from Eric
— Jobs completed on Thursday — old tag — had to regenerate. (had a truth problem)
— New files just sitting in the dropbox — FTS error.
— 1070 out of 2088. (FTS problem? — Experts investigating)
—> There seems to be a new problem
— Before particles missing daughters?
— Now, some particles are missing their mother?
—> Running again is trivial.

—> New tag (or patches) for Chris with photon transport update?
— Ruth and Nate (mixing) have something too…
—> DONE.

—> Get Jim new mixer files:
— ??

— Requires the patch – Mixer, photon transport, Need commit from Ruth.
—> Under pressure from Rick for partition 2.
—> Pressure from Gavin for reconstruction for neutrino search
—> Need to make a call on how long to wait on calibrations before reconstructing new data.