SamWiseMinutes3 17 14

Gavin, Nate, Chris, Dominick, Eric, Andrew, Craig, Robert I, others…

Collaboration meeting:
- 1.5 hours working group
- significant plenary
- SAM workshop before, during, or follow up…

Action Items:
— Currently files are still sitting on Blue Arc.
—> Need to stop doing that!
— Ready to run Rock Files and FD GENIE (4 flavors)
—> Need drop box and fhcl files
—> Some will be run on OSC, HARVARD, SMU, …
—> Last time, Fermilab took all the jobs…
— Reco next, but we need new calibration constants of the MC
—> Not sure when this can be ready. Maybe by calibration meeting on Wednesday.

Action items from last time:
— Dominick: Run PCHits to get files ready for calibration studies.
—> Needs to get Chris a dataset today – SAMweb client v1.5 does not exist.

— Adam: Modifications to metadata module need for CAF metadata
— Multiple art jobs per grid section — 
—> strange python issue.
—> This was solved.
— IO problem on Bluearc 
—> Added a second CPU – then up to 80-90% usage.
—> Extra CPUs or skipping BlueArc and just using DCACHE are both being considered.
— Investigate 10 hour metadata job…
—> Adam’s job?
— Nate: working on the overlays 
—> Nate has secondaries for his test jobs.
—> Nate is having some trouble with his overlay jobs on fermigrid and isn’t getting any return info from the grid jobs.
— Gavin:  Validation files for reconstruction could be made soon (cosmic and small batch GENIE)… 
—> Files provided for the sim group

— Raw2root is going well – but raw data stopped going to tape on Saturday.
—> FTS page all transfers from datadisk1 have failed – some problem with ENSTORE location.
—> They think it is fixed now — it was an upgrade issue that caused problems with reporting.

— Next SAM version should handle large datasets better.