SamWise was formed to aid in the transition to using SAM for handling of most production data sets on NOvA.

Group Information
A listserv () has been setup for group communications.
Meeting connection: ReadyTalk (1-866-740-1260) with Conference ID: 8569281
Meeting times (CT):
  • Monday: 11:30am-12:30pm (working meeting for discussion including quick "stand-up" reports from each participant. )
  • Thursday: 11:30am-12:30pm (joint with the production, a chance for informal reports and discussion of production status/issues.)

Production/Computing conveners: Andrew N, Gavin D, Craig G, Nate M,
NOvA: Adam A, Craig G, Erik F, Kanika S, Matthew T, Chris B, Dominick R, Jan Z, Pavan P, Satish D, Siva P-K.
SCD: Mark M, Robert I, Michael G.

Status of current SamWise efforts:

Past SamWise Meeting Minutes:


SAM documentation and useful links: