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— Production priority: merge LEM and make CAFs for the currently PID'd Data Cosmics for nu_e group (Dominick/Chris)
— GENIE MC CAFs also important (Dominick/Chris)
— Cosmic MC with 4 DB code in place: mask – RECO, PID, LEM, CAF


— PCHits -  (Satish)  Jubs been running all week.  Caught up with the most recent data. 130,000 and forward done.  
— 02 (is reading in the PCHit files) calibration drop box volatile.
— GENIE FD MC PID:  51 files waiting in the draining dataset (3000 files) 
— 02 () MC PID
— ND cry for calibration - ? 
— ND GENIE – on hold until next week for submission
-- Dominick slides ( DocDB 11258)
— Cosmic Data Reco: Not running until PID jobs are finished.
— 25 Tb of data in less than 24 hours

LEM: Chris
— very fast – MC seems too quick.
— tested mixing/merging and it worked fine.
— hard to setup a draining dataset until the backlog clears
—> needs to know that the files made it to SAM before resubmitting.

— Many thousands of PID already declared in the drop box.
— Monday is too late for new reco files for Neutrino - focus on what we can have quickly
—> Some already LEM
—> Next step CAF with LEM? (needs update from Kirk – code ready for containment)
(some slides on DocDB 11259)
—> Also need an edit from Jianming

— FD Data Cosmics—>
—> Reco bug – useless for NuMu, but useful for Ne_e
( Don’t rerun reco/production yet)
—> Kirk has what he needs for NuMu – and can run some jobs at CalTech if needed

— FD MC Cosmics—>
—> 4 DB MC cosmics would be good. (14 DB doesn’t match 4 DB data well)
—> Not critical for neutrino, but more of an internal one, so not critical for neutrino.
- would be nice to know that this would match production group.
—> We would need the fcl file that produces these files? Kirk can do it…
—> Kirk/Kanika will provide update over the weekend. Masking, RECO, PID, LEM, CAF
- Size? Comparable to or slightly larger than data request (16 minutes of live time)