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Attendance: Nate, Craig, Kanika, Gavin, Eric, Andrew, Chris, Satish, Dominik, Ryan, others I missed.

— I sent a request for production metrics.  Please respond with the information you have access to in your jobs or from simple SAM queries.

To do:
—> ND MC has become a priority
— Need a tag
— Get the rock generated in preparation to run ND MC
—> Update dataset wiki
—> Get PID go ahead from analysis groups
—> Keep pushing on database. Follow up about grid environment.
—> SAM tutorial on Monday — Will Peter let us do it on Monday?

Talk more about SAM workshop – unify scripts.
—> RunNOvASam — provide a standard submission script.
—> several tweaks that aren’t histograms, filenames, …
—> add a list of these minor issues to the issue tracker. Solidify scripts for a generic one.
—> Adam Gavin and Dominick

— Over the weekend watching the FTS. FTS03 — is it correctly monitoring files written to tape?
—> FTS03 skipping CRC – relying on that which is calculated by the tape system.
—> 2500 per hour (45 GB per hour)

FD Reco update (Dominick) :
—> Great progress:
—> Not setting the environment variables properly. Setting up NOvA is breaking all of the environmental variables.
—> Database squid timeout failures — squid doesn’t seem to be working quite right?
— squid isn’t properly protecting the web app.
—> Small bites with missing teeth ??? :-)

CAF with metadata:
—> very close to that – want to do it before releasing some FD NuMI files.

Available so far: Gavin will update wiki page today with more info about what is available:
—> cosmic teaser – 10 subruns for about 10 days of data. All partitions. Good start – 2.9x10^6 spills.
—> FD cosmic MC —
—> FD reco soon…

MC update- Gavin/Eric
—> Eric pushed through all GENIE MC (FD) — 4 configurations. 700 files (each 3000 spills )
— Reco done ??
— PID efforts today.
—> GENIE files don’t have cosmic veto. CAF needs to know how to make the cosmic veto.
— Not working well unless the PID was run…

ND MC update- Nate
—> Not much progress.
—> Need to run some test jobs and check file size needs…
—> Ready to run secondaries (rock) — GSIMPLE rock flux files?
—> Ready to get started with these ASAP.

Raw2root – Adam/Gavin
—> See Dominick’s link above for status of Raw2root.

— ND code is expecting multi point readout, so we need to update.
— ARTDAQ 109 — available.
— RECO tag: cafmaker, CosRej —> End of the day today…
— How close is the online tag? Probably not today?