SamWise Minutes 2/24/14


Nate, Eric, Michael G, Dominick, Chris, Andrew, Adam


Dominick updated Watchdog plots to show Empty event raw files as well as updating the colour shcema.
Dominick will take over keep up of Reconstruction and PCHit generation from Nate. Nate transferred knowledge over the weekend.
Run reco on data in a pseudo "live" mode.

Asked about the status of metadata for CAF. Needs to be ready within 3-4 weeks. Sooner the better.
Action Item Adam will try to set aside some time.

Status of raw2root is that Adam restarted jobs. Keep up needs to go full steam to include data since we added third di-block.

Request to start processing raw2root for DDT. Adam trying to code in cases for DDT and get script into svn.
Nitin, Siva and Kuldeep can take over nearline reprocessing, DDT raw2root and FarDet raw2root.
Action Item Hand over raw2root processing to Nitin, Siva, Kuldeep.

Adam wrote a postscript for art_sam_wrap that handles percent signs, filters histogram files and checks if file is already in dropbox. Life would be easier if ifdh v1_3_1 was backported to S14-01-20, S14-02-05...
Also got a job working that can run 20 files per GRID node such that his postscript allows multiple input files.
Adam to pass on version of script to Marc Mengel to merge into official script.

Action Item Andrew to look over configuration set up for dropbox declarations to SAM. Not to make it live until we've resolved other problems.

Gavin testing producing PID files mixing lemsum and pidpart files. Works seamlessly interactively.
Problems when running off-site and on-site. Problem identified as version of libwda missing. Jan updated and installed new tag on cvmfs servers.
Action Item Gavin to retry tests with the libwda version fixed.


Raphael reports he is having problems opening a number of files in the FD and ND.
Action Item Nate will merge his ValidateRootFile.C script into Adam's postscript that is a plugin to art_sam_wrap.