SamWiseMinutes2 20 14

Craig won't be available next week. Hopefully everything will be working and we will be ready for production when I get back – March 2nd!

Action items:
- Exercise database.
- Chris and Nate: Follow up on multiple sections per job
-- ArtSamWrap loop.
-- Single art job with multiple input and output files.
- Domincik: What to do about runs with 0 events for production monitoring
- Gavin: test the LEM merging.

Action items from last time:

-  Adam to make modification to metadata module needed for CAF.  
--> Not there yet.
-  Adam and Dominick: 1/2 of the Raw2root jobs are failing.  
--> Not actually failing – just haven't been run yet.
--> Sub percent level failure rate…
--> Caught up on NUMI at the expense of cosmics.
-  Gavin: exercise the database system today.  
--> Still unable to do so du to multiple issues.
-  Nate: Tests running multiple jobs per sections
-- with out specifying filenames, only get one file.
-- using Art renaming functionality – get 10 files out!
--> will work with out current renaming script.
-- Should be possible to turn this on from the fcl file.
-- This works – we should take the next step to move it to large scale production.
-- Chris ran into a problem with these "multiple" sections in one job.  metadata expands on each section.  
--> Need some work on the metadata module. Can have metadata module clear after it closes a file.
-- What about a loop in the ArtSamWrap ? Hack up an ArtSamWrap….
--  Gavin: test the LEM merging. 
--> Not known
-- Status of reco tag:
--> Drop dead deadline of March 3rd.
-- Eric:  2600 files in FTS general drop box
--> Owned by novaana (novaprod FTS dropboxes general)
--> 860 FD cosmic
--> Mix of GENIE jobs
--> Need validation
-- Chris cannot look at the most recent MC files we have with the newer tags.