SamWiseMinutes2 17 14

Nate, Gavin, Chris, Andrew, Craig, Adam, Dominick, …

Action items:
- Adam to make modification to metadata module.
- Adam and Dominick: 1/2 of the Raw2root jobs are failing.
- Gavin: exercise the database system today.
- Gavin: test the LEM merging.
- Nate: Tests running multiple jobs per sections
- Production meeting on Thursday.
--> Verifying reco tag.

- Don't do rsynch from DCACHE area.
- PNFS – is not a real file system. Must use the right tools to access a file.
- Computing maintenance on Thursday – dcache, servers, and worker nodes.

- Watchdog pages are now using SAM!
- DAQ2RawDigit jobs are not succeeding about 1/2 of the time

-- Simulation tag — quite happy and stable.
-- After this, restructuring problems: geometry package has been slit.
-- There is a G4 NOvA problem too.
-- Waiting for new SamWeb client fro Illingsworth.

Database metrics:
-- Will exercise the system today.

LEM/PID status:
-- Next step is to run some tests — Chris stuff is only in development.
-- Gavin will do some tests.
-- Mixing the LEMpart back into the PID — final piece before making CAF files

Metadata for CAF files:
-- Meeting last week exposed some problems with metadata module
-- Responds to open input file in ways that we didn't like
-- Adam was to work on metadata file
-- Cafmaker has code the writes stlmap into caf file.
-- also have a script that will dump the metadata
-- waiting on Adam to make modification to metadata file.

Tests running multiple sections:
-- Nobody looked into that yet. Raw2root
-- Nate didn't look at it yet – will investigate.
-- Helps with concurrency limit on database.

Eric: simulation update
-- Back at Tennessee today – jobs are running.