SamWiseMinutes2 10 14

Gavin, Nate, Andrew, Craig, Chris, Jan, Dominick …

I tried to cancel this meeting, but Gavin tried to come anyway, so we had it.

Andrew tried to run with Adam's scripts:
- modified
- not good documentation
- failure

--> Need to merge things into cohesive framework…
--> As we run through production we need to update documentation and improve the tools.

Iterating on a production task list.

Dominick volunteers for helping out with reco processing for data! Fantastic – great example!

Eric ran some PID tests in SAM/offsite
--> A subdirectory of libraries was a level deeper than we thought — so, was missing from CVMFS
--> Will follow up with Jan to get this fixed.

Many data tiers are in the list. Can't remove data tiers..
-- should we have a NOvA-specific set of data tiers.

Some "data" has the "simulated" tag in SAM! We need to find a robust solution to avoid this going forward.
--> We should check the metadata and the file type and kill the job if they don't match. Follow up to check on this.

Also specify the tier at the command line. Can this be in the fcl files?

Chris: coded up what we discussed last week. It works locally — Gavin will test it in larger scale.
--> Had to do something that is a bit of hack, should we request an upgrade to ART functionality.

Jan: Updates for IFDHC, IFDHART, and IFBEAM

Dominick will start working on Metadata in CAF today.
-- Need to talk with Adam
-- Don't need the current "META" directory in the CAF files.
-- Will also need a way to dump out the Metadata