SamWiseMinutes1 20 14

Attendance: Chris B, Yuri O, Nate M, Craig G, Gavin D, Jan Z, Matthew T, Dominick R, Kanika S, Adam A, Eric F.

Actions items: Finish up current tests and work toward PID
- Gavin/Chris : Daq2Rawdigit store geometry file for data
- Gavin: Test cronjobs for Raw2root
- Nate: test rename convention, push some reconstruction to SAM
- Gavin/Jan PID libraries to Oasis server and CVMFS locally
- Adam: Define test datasets as examples are available in SAM and add to the Wiki

Report from Gavin:
- Adam and Gavin exchanged a series of emails
- Adam made some Raw2Root scripts
- Hickup – crash and burn if you use debug field. Things work under Optimized build. Not solved…
(Moving on with MaxOpt)
- High failure rate when running on Oasis servers - affects only offsite running. But failure rate is high.
(sometimes fail to find location of software)
- Does it occur at one location, or always at the same place.
- Jobs were returning and being registered to SAM.
- Yesterday working on cronjobs – unpacking on Raw2Root is basically working.
- One snag : Daq2RawDigit package – 90,000 Raw files (only want to do it once).
(There was one issue on issue tracker, debating how serious it is)
Geometry file not stored in the data. It would be nice to store the GDML file in the data file too.
- Chris B. -- Looks like all the pieces are there.
- 45,000 are numi files and very quick (50 events)! Other 45,000 files (several thousands).
- We will follow up with concatenation later — now just trying to get things working.
- Test datasets in SAM that other SamWise members can see them.
- Please put some information on the Wiki
- Jan: when will be ready to tag? Must we include the Daq2RawDigit ?
(This tag is for the neutrino search)

Report from Adam:
- Scripts that can define daily datasets
- Will help define test datasets as we move examples of each production step to SAM

Report from Eric:
- Eric has Root2Reco jobs running offsite — database issues solved.
- ArtSamWrap now takes the password information as an input.

Report from Nate:
- Working on names for reconstruction
- ArtSamWrap to do reconstruction
- Filenames by default ART nova executable doesn't take SAM metadata – get next file command
- There isn't any way to get the input filename?
- Needs help from Mengle on renaming according to the unknown parent
- Would prefer an intelligent filename scheme for reconstruction files
-- Helps to insure non-unique files are not moved to SAM
-- Why can't this happen in the batch job?
- Have Adam take a look at SAM metadata
- Working onsite so database isn't a problem — some work needed for database access for offsite jobs.
- Will test the renaming script and move some files to SAM today.
- Currently testing wrapper around the ArtSam wrap. (options for: job sub, nova, and ArtSamWrap)
- Nate wrote a script to simplify this --
- Will try to meet with Mark M tomorrow.

- Priority to get some files that Chris needs.
- Nate will push files to SAM by the end of the day.
- PID library files are not accessible — CVMFS ?
- Jan says PID libraries could be pushed to CVMFS. Versioning?
- LEM ones could be removed?
- locations defined in the fcl file for PID files.

- Collect scripts in novapro home area.
- SamUtils in the metadata directory might work?
- Adam and Nate will put some scripts in there