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-  SamWise minutes 1/16/14:

Attending: Matthew T, Mark Mengel, Nate M, Craig G, Andrew N, Dominick, Jan Z, Eric, Ruth T, Yuri O, Chris B.
(Gavin was sick and Adam was sleeping)

- Action items from the meeting yesterday:
-- Check the "readiness" spreadsheet and fill in the status for items by your name:
-- Michael Baird has been added to our group for SAM OnMon/Nearline reprocessing needs.
- We went through the readiness spreadsheet and filled in names.
- Gavin/Nate/Adam/Eric – must solve critical production jobs. (if you think you can help them please volunteer)
- Matthew – Trigger/Testing
  • Adam- will update tutorial
  • Michael B. ? Nearline, OnMon, Nearline Reco?
    - Craig will follow up with Michael to get him on board.
  • ifdh_fetch -- command error from /nova/app
    -- Designed for grid jobs. /nova/app is read only. Not allowed to write with. GridFTP
    -- Perhaps we should make this clear that the tool doesn't work in the App area.
    -- Request – special case for ART area
  • Don't want BlueArc files listed in SAM.
  • Dominick – found some useful SAM things – linked it out Wiki
    We should continue to add "useful notes": Basic_SAM_Functions