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Andrew Vold, 01/23/2018 10:57 PM

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Cosmic rejection

  • Preselection... use cosmic veto? Something different? * Train on preselected (more challenging) cosmics * Just try running current model and see which cosmics even pass ** Make pixelmap files for a bunch of cosmics on the grid.


  • UPS products will soon go live on bluearc * ANG updates for Caffe model analysis need to be committed * We can soon deploy on grid ** NB: we'll have to be careful about how we ship model deploy files, they're too big for regular cp
  • Tidy-up: ** We want to fix a few things before the next round of training *** Calibration... PECorr -> GeV... *** Vertex location/noise scrubbing... turn this off ** Do these things when the new files come out, or before we generate the next pixelmap files
  • Implement ROOT2LevelDB in novasoft context
  • Longer term ** A nicer, generic, labeling infrastructure might be nice ** This would make it easier to play with things like topology labeling (1-pi, 2-pi, etc.)

Single purpose classifier models

  • Fine-tuned models are attractive for analysis groups * Numu already liked theirs * Alex R. is working on a nue classifier... maybe NC too? Or was Adam going to do that?


  • Bad channels ** Probably a tiny effect... but enhancing the actual effect might be good for regularization ** Can we do this with dropout? Does Caffe let you do it in a sensible way for input layers? * Jitter ** Another good regularization technique * Attenuation slopes, shifts ** Can we just slip in shifted samples? ** Or, is there a fancy way to make a custom layer which does this randomly for each training example?

Prong classification

  • Play with view merging in architecture... should it happen sooner? * What size is appropriate

Multimodal inputs

Minimalist ROOT I/O in pure Python and Numpy