Production 5 (Neutrino 2020 analysis campaign) Reconstruction book keeping

A record of the new/improved features in the production 5 processing campaign, production philosophy, and bookkeeping of software release history and relevant datasets.

Release notes quasi-up to date as of 27th Nov 2019

  • Current production release R19-11-18-prod5reco.f

Production philosophy

Production will start from scratch (ie new Event Generation and Simulation) - see the reasons for this at the end of the Prod4Tag Wiki.

Reconstruction Improvements for Prod5

Many algorithms were improved for the Production 5 Campaign. Technotes have been written documenting the improvements and training parameters used.
  • Slicer
  • Event CVN
  • Prong CVN
  • 2D Prong CVN
  • Regression CVN
  • ReMId
  • NuMu Cosmic Rejection
  • Nue Cosmic Rejection

R19-11-18-prod5reco release series

Outstanding issues / planned features



Notes and bug fixes

The first release of the Production 5 campaign. It was cut from develop, as the remove-bpf-vector branch was merged into develop after the MiniProduction campaign was completed.


Notes and bug fixes

Fixed a bug in the Bad Channel List


Notes and bug fixes

Large swathe of changes primarily focused on CVN training and evaluation.
  • Weights directory removed from the CosRej package.
  • Fix a broken Var for recording fraction of cluster hits used in map.
  • Update Event CVN model files
  • Add code to allow three versions of Event CVN to be ran
  • Update art code to load in multiple versions of Event CVN with the correct module labels.


Notes and bug fixes

  • Correct the version of cvn (Event CVN) UPS Product to be setup.
  • Fix CAFMaker fhicl bugs for CosmicCVN, TrueEnergy, 2D Prong CVN, NC CosRej.
  • Removing unnecessary Prong CVN branches which were still hangovers from Prod4.

Relevant datasets

  • ND Data
  • ND Monte Carlo


Notes and bug fixes

  • Bump the version of calibration to v14.05, so that ND P1 Data could be ran over.
  • Fix a rare error seen in ND MRDiF processing, to ignore 2D showers.
  • Removing unnecessary Prong CVN branches which were still hangovers from Prod4.


Notes and bug fixes

  • Bump the version of calibration to v14.06, to fix a typo in v14.05.

Relevant datasets

  • ND Data - draining from R19-11-18-prod5reco.d - for Period1 and DiF failures.


Notes and bug fixes

  • A variety of small changes, mostly added fhicl configurations, to support MRBrem and MRDiF processing in the FD.


Notes and bug fixes

  • Some fixes to MRE
  • Bumped calibcsvs to v14.08 (v14.07 was skipped due to unexpected disk quota issue)


Notes and bug fixes

  • Fixes to BadChannels so they will work correctly with cosmic filtered files