Feb 1 Meeting

Email to:
Doug Johnson <>
Karen Tomko <>

Regarding Scheduling Mtg to go over integration of Ohio w/ FNAL

Hi Doug, Karen, 

OSG people at Fermilab are very interested in supporting any work needed to bring OSC into the OSG space using NOvA as a use case. 
Would it be possible for us to hold a meeting with them and Andrew Norman (NOvA's Computing Liaison at Fermilab) to go over any progress since we met in December as well as what needs to happen on either side to make this fly?

Andrew will also provide a well-defined allocation request that NOvA's computing will require over the next few years. Those numbers will be part of the request I will be putting together, which I understand will fall somewhere between a Major Account and a Discovery Account.

I propose we try to meet this Friday around 10 am Eastern like last time, but if that is unworkable, please let me know your availability. 
Andrew, please let me know what works for you and the other interested Fermilab people.

Thank you very much and look forward to talking to you again, 


Alexandre B. Sousa
Assistant Professor of Physics

Department of Physics
Room 418 Geology-Physics Building
University of Cincinnati
Cincinnati,  OH 45221