Kick off Meeting 11-Jan-2013


Matt M. -- was Monte Carlo production person  [didn't catch last name]
New one is Phil Mason -- important for project. Is not
on site.
Craig -- computing coordinator for Nova (?) [didn't catch last name]
Gavin stopped by briefly. [didn't catch last name]
Mike Kirby -- This is a subproject of FIFE.
Weren't present but Gabe (getting sw ready) and Nate
are other important nova people.

Schedule Requirements

By Summer 2013 need ~1.2 million CPU hours --
Production will be done over 6 weeks.
Could do at fermi using opportunistic resources,
but nice to do off site. LBNE may run lots of
hours -- could affect nova??
This date is because of the summer conferences:
Aug 13th (DPF).
Aug 13 (Nufact)

Initial schedule:
Feb 14 = Run hello, world.
Mar 1 = CVMFS ready (should be in beta in Feb?).
Run some jobs that process events.
April 15th = Start of production.
June 1 = Production Done.


Goal is to run at SMU, fermi, maybe Ohio State,
maybe Harvard.
Willing to consider other places. The ones in the
list are willing to do extra work to help
with sw.

Have NOvA user in Cinncinati who will get an OSC
Getting these sites to work on OSG may be a separate
goal from running NOvA jobs.
How do we tell where the local storage is?
At least glideinWMS has a way.
Nova has their own glideinWMS factory now.

Job Requirements

Don't need to input data to SAM for monte carlo.
need output from SAM. But have tested and it works.
0.5 GB of output per job, no significant input
8 to 24 hour jobs
schedule of jobs depends on # of protons on target
roughly 20,000 jobs over 40 days (??)
NOvA software release is 180 GB on disk.
2.5G actually used for any one job (?)


Currently storing base software release in CVMFS (U
Wisc for now).
Some Nova effort needed to generalize production
scripts. There are at least unwarranted assumptions
about where calibrations are.
Just Monte Carlo jobs.
Not running data processing (?) at sites yet.
Jobs have library that accesses SAM.

Next Steps

  • Meet with Dennis Box (scheduled for Tuesday at 4pm)
    Most likely person to work on this.
  • Work to bring sites up.
    SMU may be a good place to start with.
    Amit Kumar is site admin.
  • Others?