Checkout Phase Details

Nova CI Checkout Detail Graph

This web page will show the history of the time (in seconds) spent by the system to checkout the code from the repository.

The Basic Information

The rectangle on the top,list some useful information,in the following order:
  • Version of OS of the machine (EL6=Scientific Linux 6,EL7=Scientific Linux 7,Darwin=MacOS)
  • Name of the CI project/Build number
  • Trigger,so how the Build have been launched on the CI System
    "trigger script" means that the build has been launched manually,"git push on develop branch" mean that the build has been launched automatically after a push on a develop branch.
  • Name of the user or name of the machine that launched the build
  • Status of the phase

The Graph

The graph displays the time spent by the CI System to complete the checkout phase.
Each point in the graph is a clickable link that redirects to an overview of the build.

Additional Informations

Nova CI Checkout Additional Infos

In the bottom of the page, there's a list of the checked out modules and also a link to the log file for the whole process