Working with NOvA offline software using SVN

  • Check out
    • Use novainst:
         shell> ./novainst trunk checkout
    • Use SVN client:
         shell> svn co svn+ssh://     # all the projects
         shell> svn co svn+ssh://     # just fmwk
         shell> svn co svn+ssh:// # just novafmwk
    • Use CMT client:
         shell> unset CVSROOT
         shell> SVNROOT=svn+ssh://
         shell> cmt co $SVNROOT/fmwk                                                     # not recommended
  • Working on your working copy
       shell> svn add 
       shell> svn delete (rm)
       shell> svn copy
       shell> svn move
  • Verify your changes
       shell> svn status
       shell> svn diff
  • check in
       shell> svn update                                   # pay attention to "C": conflict with others changes
       shell> svn resolve                                  # resolve the conflict 
       shell> svn ci -m "blabla" 

    NOTE: before check in
    1) update your working copy
    2) resolve conflict
    3) compile and test to make sure it is working
    4) Make your comments as detail as possible
  • Merge Your Code Into Recent Development or Merge Recent Development Into Your Modified Code
    SVN Merge: To be written...