Introduction to LCGCMT

The documentation of LCGCMT is fairly poor, so I summarized my understanding.

Please check this link for the layout of LCGCMT project. I will focus on the following packages.

  • LCG_Builders - The LCG_Builders packages provide CMT packages, each to install a 3rd party external package. See this link for details.
  • LCG_Interfaces - Provide an interface between a software project managed by CMT and a so-called external product (not managed by CMT).
  • LCG_GeneratorInterfaces - Similar as LCG_Interfaces, but for generator related packages, such as PYTHIA, GENIE, etc.
  • LCG_Settings - Defines the tags, SITEROOT, LCG_home, LCG_external, etc. Taking the installation of flxi as an example:
    • SITEROOT - /nas-pool/e929/users/tianxc/nova/nova-trunk
    • LCG_home - /nas-pool/e929/users/tianxc/nova/nova-trunk (holding the nova projects and lcgcmt)
    • LCG_external - /nas-pool/e929/users/tianxc/nova/external (holding the 3rd party external packages)
    • CMTCONFIG - x86_64-sl4-gcc34-dbg
      See this link for details.
  • LCG_Configuration - Defines the package versions. See this link for current package versions we are using. If you want to test different version of a specific version, for example, ROOT 5.26.00, change the line macro ROOT_config_version "5.22.00c" to macro ROOT_config_version "5.26.00"