Technical documentation

Working with NOvA offline software using SVN

11/05/2009 04:04 PM

Working with NOvA offline software in CMT

11/05/2009 11:34 PM

Some of following are from and
  • Quick Start
       shell> cd /path/to/nova-trunk
       shell> source setup.(c)sh

Using novainst to install the offline software

11/05/2009 09:05 PM

This describes how to build the NOvA offline software (translated from with appropriate modifications).

  • Quick Start
    For bash
       bash> novasvnurl=svn+ssh://

Introduction to LCGCMT

01/09/2010 05:02 PM

The documentation of LCGCMT is fairly poor, so I summarized my understanding.

Please check this link for the layout of LCGCMT project. I will focus on the following packages.