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Adam Lister, 10/27/2020 04:33 PM

The Big List Of Production Issues (and Solutions)

This page is expected to get long. It will list any issues we run into and what the solution was.

trying to stop that project results in the following:
`samweb stop-project lasquith-batch1_detgenie_rhc_fcl_to_g4-20201009_0613-testjobs
Project lasquith-batch1_detgenie_rhc_fcl_to_g4-20201009_0613-testjobs is not known to the station and has state reserved`

(from Marc Mengel)
The project is in a half-started state (the state "reserved"); if you first establish a consumer process, you should be able to end it. Try doing a:

samweb start-process --appversion demo --appname demo --appfamily demo lasquith-batch1_detgenie_rhc_fcl_to_g4-20201009_0613-testjobs

and then try to end it.