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Erica Smith, 10/23/2019 08:55 AM

Rock Rate Calculation


Using single rock interactions (1 per record), throwing away records that don't leave FLSHits in the detector:

(reference POT)*(total number of events/total POT)
reference POT = 2.5e+13


In NovaSimMixer --

1 -
Update the definitions (usually rock singles), then run.

2 - ndrockmacro.C
Run like cafe -bq ndrockmacro.C infile.txt outfile.root, where infile.txt is the output of Need to run separately over FHC and RHC. Will likely take a few hours depending on number of files in definition so consider nohup'ing it.

Output file will have two histograms, number of events, and POT. Macro will output the rock rate that needs to be dropped into NovaSimMixer/MixSimEvents.fcl for a reference POT of 2.5e13 (refPOT in MixSimEvents.fcl).


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