Production Grid Job User Priority

Starting with NovaGridUtils v03.32, provides the option --user_priority that sets the priority within a user's grid jobs. The --user_priority value can be any integer where higher valued jobs will begin running before lower valued jobs.

User priority is primarily used by production to run keepup jobs ahead of all other production jobs. User priority can also be used to run newly submitted jobs ahead of previously submitted jobs.

The table below lists the user priority values for the keepup jobs, which are specified in the keepup configuration files in $NOVAPRODUCTION_DIR/keepup/ConfigFile/, and the default user priority value for production jobs specified in

Job User Priority
Keepup Raw2Root NuMI 550
Keepup Raw2Root Cosmics 540
Keepup Raw2Root Others 540
Keepup Reco NuMI/BNB 530
Keepup RecoProd4 NuMI/BNB 520
Keepup Reco Exotics 500
Production Default 100