Modifying keep-up configuration

The configuration files live under


For example, the ND Raw2root configuration looks like this (on 2016-07-07):


--r2r-release S16-02-02
--det neardet
--stream numi
#--OPOSuser pbuitrag
#--OPOSuser ahandres
#--OPOSuser vito
#--proxy /var/tmp/novapro.Paola.temporal050416.Production.proxy
#start at the end of epoch 3c for ND
#--extradimension "Online.RunNumber > '11383'" 
#start at 2 days ago, to wait to clear the backlog
#--extradimension "Online.SubRunEndTime > 1456812000" 

where the --disable command is due to current issues with the keep-ups (submission will not happen unless commented).

The files are readable by users, but they can only be modified by novapro.