Making concatenated deCAFs

Once a sample is finished, we can produce the concatenated version of the output CAFs. The idea is making one (or a few) big files that contain the whole sample. This significantly speeds up processing the files in CAFAna thanks to much smaller I/O requirements. Given the different flavours of deCAFs the various analysis groups produce, there is a wrapper that produces the concat of each of all these deCAFs. To run it on a finished sample, simply do: 

Where DATASET is the input definition (ideally nue_or_numu_or_nus_contain deCAFs so we don't clog the system, but it can also run on CAFs), and RELEASE is the release used to make the CAFs. This will produce the different sets of concatenated deCAFs (nue, numu, nue_or_numu and nus) and save the output in the appropriate directory under /pnfs/nova/persistent/production/concat/. Remember that this wrapper script will assume the role Production and has the location for the output hardcoded, so do not try to use it for your analysis needs.

If for some reason only one of the deCAFs has to be processed, then the command to run is:

Default for ROLE is "Analysis" 
Default for DECAF is concat only

where DECAF is either one of the deCAF defaults (nue, numu, nue_or_numu and nus) or a customised script, and ROLE must be Production if running for production. To concatenate only (i.e., no decaf, just merge all the files), the DECAF option must be concat.