How to respin CAF and deCAF files

- You will need to have the production VOMS role in order to produce official files. If you're not sure, you probably don't. Get in touch with the production group.

A standard configuration has been prepared for these kinds of jobs:

--jobname caf_respin_prod_pid_R16-03-03-prod2reco.a_nd_genie_nonswap_genierw_fhc_nova_v08_full_v1
--defname prod_pid_R16-03-03-prod2reco.a_nd_genie_nonswap_genierw_fhc_nova_v08_full_v1
--njobs 300

These are high-io jobs that are fairly short. Going well above a few hundred jobs doesn't increase throughput since the jobs cannot get files from SAM fast enough.

Please make an entry in the production ECL when running these (and any other) production jobs. There is a form for new production submission:

Datasets can be made using, modifying the release and only producing definitions for the CAF and deCAF tiers.