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Production Datasets

Production5 Samples
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Production and You

Submit a Production Request
What's in a Production Request?
Period and Epoch Naming
Production Dataset Naming Conventions

You can contact the production conveners at

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Joining the Production Group

Production Shifts

What to do on production shift
Production Troubleshooting
Is my sample done?

How to Configure & Run Production Jobs
So You Want to Make Some Monte Carlo (A Qwik Start Guide for Production)
Prestaging datasets whilst on shift
Construct a Draining Dataset
Making concatenated deCAFs
How to respin CAF and deCAF files
Keepup Jobs
Corrupt Files
How to make definitions

Useful Links

Production ECL

Primary tools for monitoring jobs:
Fifemon Grafana
SAM Station
Fifemon FTS
Other more specialized monitoring links
SNOW Quick Links

in addition, running prodjob-summary on any of the gpvms will give a summary of production jobs, eg

$ prodjob-summary 
Total                           Idle    Held    Running Killed  Other   JobName      0       0       2       0       0      4999    0       1       0       0       lasquith-ND_rock_fhc_batch2-20201014_1639.sh_20201014_164119_94308_0_1_wrap.shh
Cluster ID                      4999    0       6       0       0

For Conveners

New Convener Onboarding

Convener References

Production Requests
Current Producers
Checking Memory and Time for Jobs
Cleaning Persistent Storage
Dealing with Production Files
End of Epoch Checklist
Making decafs
Making Simulation fcls
Production Campaign Checklist
Production Grid Job User Priority
Publishing New novaproduction and NovaGridUtils releases
Rock Rate Calculation
Submitting Simulation fcls
Using SAM

Current Production Priorities

Updated: 2020-10-13

1.MPv2 Data (10% ND data)
2.Test Beam calibration samples
3.MCNP neutron samples
4.Alt MA xsec samples
5.MRCC samples
6.Exotics : DDActivity special sample
7.HDF5 systematics samples
8.FD CRY samples


Running Cosmic Filtering
Deprecated production stuff