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Trigger Header flags, v2 (NDOS running)

08/10/2011 03:08 AM

You can do a getVersion() method on a trigger header object and get an integer version back. Version #1 made sporadic use of things in TriggerDefines.h, mostly as placeholders.

Version #2 tries to properly identify the trigger sources, albeit hardcoded. These should eventually be configured and/or sent along with the SpillServer packets. Note that the trigger masks are the same in v1 and v2, properly used in both cases, although TRIGBIG_ID_ACCEL_1PPS is now available.

How to Request a DDT from NovaGlobalTrigger

04/10/2013 10:30 AM

Data Driven Trigger saves the BN data only when "something interesting" happens. The BN's run code to look for "something interesting" and if they decide to it's interesting enough, they will send a DDT message to GT to record that data window. The will also flag things like why the data looked interesting and which BN issued the request.

How to use the GlobalTrigger: complete trigger list

08/08/2011 03:37 AM

Date last updated is 7/16/18, the redmine generated date above is the date this page was created!

While most users will simply interface with GT through the run control interface, those who wish to make it do different things will need to know how it works and how it is configured to do different things. This documentation is for the NovaGlobalTrigger package in the online software repository.

Technical documentation

GT Test triggers

08/08/2011 04:07 AM

Sending actual test triggers

There are two programs, GTSender and GTReceiver. These provide both examples of how to interface to a trigger message, and a test platform for sending and receiving trigger messages. Note that these are actual trigger messages: if you're looking for trigger message requests (such as DDT or Manual triggers use), see below.

NOvA SNEWS Implementation

11/04/2014 10:34 AM


The SNEWS implementation is modelled on the NovaSpillServer code. As such it uses the same XMLRPC messaging system with a sender -> forwarder -> receiver chain. What follows is a short explanation of each piece of the chain, how to check its functionality and if necessary how to stop/start pieces of the chain. In the Online repository the affected packages are:

Reference documentation

GT Architecture

08/08/2011 03:50 AM

The way GT runs, responds to RC, and deals with partitions

The NovaGlobalTrigger is designed to provide all the triggers you would ever want for a given partition. A run will always have the same configuration. So, a NovaGlobalTrigger gets all its config on startup. If you want to re-configure it, it should be restarted. If you want to simply start a new run with the same parameters, NovaGlobalTrigger should simply reset its trigger number counters to zero and go.

GT States

08/08/2011 03:42 AM

How the different GT processes respond to RC requests


  • Establish Partition
    • Listens on the Null partition
    • Needs to be first on a partition, sets up the message handlers
    • Can then go to Load Run Configuration or Detach Partition