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Andrew Norman, 09/27/2011 12:03 PM

DAQ Cluster Wiki

The DAQ Cluster for the Near Detector on the Surface (NDOS) is currently housed
in the Lattice Computing Center (LCC) at FNAL. The cluster consists of 28 computing
that are designed to serve either as farm "buffer nodes" or as individual servers/hosts
for specific DAQ processes.

In the current configuration the cluster has the following configuration:


  • Master Server (hosts all critical servers)
  • Runcontrol
  • Trigger
  • Data monitor (datamon)
  • Message Logger
  • Backup Server
  • Database
  • Nearline processing

Spool Disk Servers

  • Data Disk 1
  • Data Disk 2

Buffer/Farm Nodes

  • Farm Nodes 1-15

Detector Controls/Slow Controls

  • DCS Master
  • DCS Readout 1
  • DCS Readout 2

Additional Information on the Cluster

Remote Access and Control of Cluster Machines
Starting and stopping DAQ SW applications on the DAQ cluster

DAQ Monitor machine

Backup Server

May 2011 Notes on Installing Tomcat and the Screen Snapshot Service

May 2011 Notes on changing DCM hostnames at NDOS

18-Aug-2011 novadaq-ctrl-datamon log - Updated PHP to 5.3.6, S. Kasahara