Oct 2011 Notes on S3 deployment and Tomcat restarts

04-Oct-2011, KAB

Steps to restart the Tomcat server at NDOS

  1. log into the tomcat_runner account on novadaq-ctrl-datamon
    • to do this, I ssh into my account on novadaq-ctrl-master, then "ssh root@novadaq-ctrl-datamon", and then "su tomcat_runner"
    • for people who don't have root access on the cluster, we should probably just create .k5login files in the appropriate tomcat_* accounts on novadaq-ctrl-datamon.
  2. run "stopTomcat"
  3. run "startTomcat"
  4. if you want to check the Tomcat log file(s)...
    • "cd $TOMCAT_LOGS"
    • "tail -f catalina.out"
  5. log out

Steps to deploy a new version of the Screen Snapshot Service at NDOS

  1. copy the S3 tar file to a suitable directory on the cluster (e.g. /home/novadaq/tmp)
  2. log into the tomcat_user account on novadaq-ctrl-datamon (see hints above)
  4. "tar -xvf <snapshotTarFile>"
  5. make any necessary changes to $TOMCAT_WEBAPPS/snapshot/internal/ProducerAccess.xml and $TOMCAT_WEBAPPS/snapshot/internal/SnapshotProducer.jnlp.
  6. restart the Tomcat server as described above