May 2011 Notes on changing DCM hostnames at NDOS

18-May-2011, KAB, SMK

The DCM nodes on the detector will be renamed as follows:
(originally proposed on 05/18/2011:) => => => => => => => => => => =>

(actually changed to on 5/19/2011:) => dcm-3-01-01 => dcm-3-01-02 => dcm-3-01-03 => dcm-3-02-01 => dcm-3-02-02 => dcm-3-02-03 => dcm-3-03-01 => dcm-3-03-02 => dcm-3-03-03 => dcm-3-04-01 => dcm-3-04-02

Here are the proposed steps for changing the hostnames of the DCMs at NDOS so that they reflect their location on the detector.

  1. make the necessary DHCP changes
    • Andrew made these changes
    • at the 05-May DAQ SW meeting, we talked about putting the DNS and DHCP configuration files in CVS, but I don't believe that this has happened yet.
  2. modify the /etc/hosts file to reflect the new names
  3. modify the Ganglia history files appropriately
    • Before beginning the renaming of any hosts:
      • stop the run
      • kill gmetad running on novadaq-ctrl-datamon
        This will prevent further updating of any ganglia databases until the changeover is complete.
      • On novadaq-ctrl-datamon, create new gmetad configuration file with new dcm node names:
      • ssh -X novadaq-ctrl-datamon -l root
      • su ganglia
      • cd /etc/ganglia
      • mv gmetad.conf gmetad.conf.20110519
      • mv gmetad.conf.newnames gmetad.conf
      • On novadaq-ctrl-datamon, create backup of database and mv DCM databases to files with new dcm names.
      • ssh -X novadaq-ctrl-datamon -l root
      • cd /home/kasahara/testdev/NovaDAQMonitor/cxx/test
      • source ./
        This creates backup of entire database to /scratch/kasahara/ganglia_database/backup
        and then renames dcm databases.
      • On novadaq-ctrl-datamon, restart gmetad
      • ssh -X novadaq-ctrl-datamon -l root
      • source /nova/novadaq/setup/ --opt
      • gmetad
  4. modify ProcessList.xml and HostList.xml to contain the new hostnames
    • these files are used by the AppMgr and the start/stopSystem scripts to decide which process runs on what host
  5. modify the following files under /home/novadaq:
    • bin/ [done]
    • bin/ [done]
    • DCMTestRel/ [done]
    • hosts (is this file still needed?)
    • setDcmTiming (is this script still needed?)
    • testRelForOperations/
    • testRelForOperations/DAQOperationsTools/setup/NDOS/
    • testRelForOperations/
    • testRelForOperations/DAQOperationsTools/config/PedestalConfiguration_CooledAPDs.xml
    • testRelForOperations/DAQOperationsTools/config/PedestalConfiguration_Standard.xml
    • testRelForOperations/DAQOperationsTools/config/PedestalConfiguration_TemperatureReadback.xml
    • testRelForOperations/DAQOperationsTools/config/PedestalConfiguration.xml
  6. modify the DSO scan analysis program
    • check with Denis and Mat on this...
  7. [19-May] do we also need to change the specific-dcm scripts in /export/dcm/startup?
  8. [19-May] needed to create dds cfg files (actually just links) in /nova/config/NDOS/dds