Instructions on How to Run the Offline Software on Data Monitor Machine

First of all, one needs to ssh to the DataMon machine with a novadaq account:

> ssh novadaq@novadaq-ctrl-datamon

The Offline software on Data Monitor Machine is installed in this directory:


In order to make use of it one needs to do the following command:

> setup_offline

It automatically sets everything up, and goes to the current offline directory.

To run the EventDisplay, one needs to execute:

> evd -x gRawProcess.xml dsp:hostname:port

where hostname and port represent those for the EventDispatcher. Normally it will be running on DataLogger(, but right now it is on

Alternatively (for testing purposes) one can run an ana job to produce an output file, which you can run on EventDisplay:

> ana -x gRawProcess.xml -i dsp:hostname:port -o OutputEvents.root -n 10

This will read 10 events from EventDispatcher and put them into OutputEvents.root. As usual, to see them on the screen, run

> evd OutputEvents.root